About Us

Based out of Hua Qiang Bei, Shenzhen, the electronic capital of China, Shenzhen Purchase Agent is a professional exporting agency which provides access to a wide variety of electronic products.

With clients world-wide, we have established a longstanding relationship with local suppliers, manufacturers and factories, which allow us to supply you with excellent pricing.

Our experienced professionals have an extensive knowledge of the consumer electronic industry and are proficient in English and Chinese.Shenzhen Purchase Agent works with you on a personal basis to ensure any special requirements you may have are met quickly, efficiently and within your budget.

From custom packaging, imei and serial number stickers, to special shipping and handling requirement, Shenzhen Purchase agent has a solution.We have found that there is a very real need for thorough quality control in all electronic products originating from China.

We have developed intensive testing and inspection services that ensure the utmost in quality control to ensure that you receive your products in the excellent condition you expect.Shenzhen Purchase Agent favors long business relationships built on customer satisfaction both during after purchase. Our after sales service is second to none and has become a trademark of our agency